Draining Detox


This regenerative complex combines draining and detoxifying plants to alleviate liver, kidneys, intestine (emunctories) after hearty meals or before slimming diet in order to increase its results. Body detox is also interesting in case of skin problems.

This complex contains :

Ÿ Meadowsweet and Green Tea extract which enhances diuretic action, in order to limit fluid retention and to eliminate toxins.

Ÿ Curcuma, an hepatic protector which helps to cleanse liver.

Ÿ Nopal, a species of cactus renowned for its high fibre content. These vegetable fibres help to reduce bodyfat build up, to curb the appetite, to facilitate intestinal transit.

Ÿ Unroasted Coffee which activates fat burning and increases energy expenditure. This action is strengthened by green tea which also stimulates thermogenesis.

Detoxifying is advised during spring and autumn, season changes when our body is particularly receptive.

Packaging : 30 tablets

Net weight : 15 g

Ingredients : Calcium citrate, green tea leaves extract, curcumine extracted from curcuma, unroasted coffee seeds extract, meadowsweet head in flower extract, prickly pear leaves extract Neopuntia®. Anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate, silica dioxide.

2 tablets per day with a glass of water : 1 in the end of the afternoon and 1 in the evening, before the meal (emunctories are particularly receptive during the night).

The recommended daily dose (2 tablets) provides 250 mg green tea, 100 mg meadowsweet extract, 100 mg curcuma, 82 mg calcium (10% of the Recommended Daily Allowance*), 100 mg Neopuntia®, 15 mg chlorogenic acid provided by unroasted coffee, 17,5 mg caffeine (provided by green tea and unroasted coffee).



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